Ray Remmers

Hello there, there's so many things that I could tell you about myself, but I will try to keep this fairly brief.

I was born in the early 1950's and I'm an identical twin.  We were born two months premature and, as a result of oxygen damage in the incubator, I lost my sight around the age of five weeks.  I can see "some" light and that's about all.
God has so richly blessed me, however.  My blindness has never been an issue for me, and God's presence in my life has guided me through every step I've taken.

As a child, as early as the age of 7, I always wanted to be a church organist when I grew up.  I started playing when I was 5, on just a small organ, and worked my way up to playing classical pipe organ which I studied when I became about 13 and stayed with it for a time until my instructor left the area when I was about 15.

I was also playing in bands, and eventually lost my walk with God for a few years, but never abandoned my goal of being a church organist.  I started my first church organist position in 1974 and have been a musician for several churches since then.  I have also had a career (my"day" job) as a piano tuner and technician, operating my own business and doing work for various piano dealers and schools through the years.  I still do some work for the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.

In 1972, God brought a wonderful, sweet loving lady into my life, and I married her in 1975.  Her faith was strong when I met her and she's the one who really brought me back to give God control of my life again.  We have 3 wonderful children and  two baby grandaughters who are just sweet precious bundles of joy!

Our God is just so awesome and whether you're blind like me or not, I can testify that he will never fail us.  He is The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

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